Ridge Analysis


Ridge Analysis is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns which helps in understanding the potential and personality of an individual. Dermatoglyphics Analysis is based on understanding from neuroscience, genetics, Dermatoglyphics Psychology and embryology.


  • Identify your/ your child’s innate ability
  • Understand your/your child’s learning style
  • Know your/ your child’s inborn abilities
  • Know the potential of your child
  • Helps in selecting stream
  • Helps in making the right career choice
  • Helps in building /improving relationship
  • To understand yourself/ your relation/your child, we provide counselling by expert counsellor on DA.
  • Improves relationship between children and parents
  • Understand the right parenting techniques and teaching
Remedial counselling on various elements of the Report.

Price: Rs. 9449/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)

Price: $250/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)