Brain Optimization


In this product, the mid brain which is the ‘Bridge’ between the left and right brain, is optimized through scientifically proven techniques.

Activating this bridge allows for the retrieval of information between the left and the right brain, which leads to more efficiency in learning and absorbing information. It also brings out and strengthens characteristics such as creativity, memory, application skills, self-confidence and the ability to concentrate.

When the brain functions optimally, all human senses are in prime performance including the capability of intuition and visualization, so that a child is able to perform activities blindfolded.

Duration : 45 days programme
Foundation Sessions : Two consecutive Days, 9:30 AM ( Three follow-up session of three hours each in the duration of 45 days at the gap of 15 days after the foundation session.)
Batch Size : 15 (maximum) First come basis
Children Age : 7 Yrs. - 18 Yrs.
Adults Age : 18+ Yrs.


  • Better focus
  • Improved memory
  • Improved motor skills (Academics, Sports, Resourceful Innovation and other co-curricular activities)
  • Enhanced concentration (Studies, Sports, Creativity, Performing Arts and other curricular activities)
  • Better creativity and imagination
  • High in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • More articulative thinking style leading to sharper mind
  • Stress management during revision and confidence building
  • Greater emotional control
  • Super sensory perception
  • Better sleep

This Course is conducted at a premium 4 Star or above Hotels, owing to the specific requirements.

Price: Rs. 57,820/-