Brain Optimization

In this program, the mid brain which is the ‘Bridge’ between the left and right brain, is optimized through scientifically proven techniques.

45 Days (2 Full Day Foundation Sessions, followed by 3 Advance Sessions at an interval of 15 days each)

Mandatory 10 minutes of self-practice of the exercises every day

Brain Yog

Brain Yog exercises are to enhance brain capabilities. The program stimulates brain activities that involve basic tasks and actions that need to be performed. These exercises contain simple movements which help in overall body coordination along with the sense organs.

45 Days Tenure

27 Sessions (Learning + Practice)

6+ Years (For Children and Adults)


A program based on law of imagination and law of association. It includes various memory techniques in the form of secret coding system which enables one to memorise perfectly whatever one wishes to remember.

3 Levels as Basic, Advance and Pro

Multiple Sessions spanning from 2 weeks to 2 months

Each Session of 30 Minutes

Ridge Analysis

Ridge Analysis is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns which helps in understanding the potential and personality of an individual. Ridge Analysis is based on understanding from neuroscience, genetics, Ridge Psychology and embryology.

Identify your/ your child’s innate ability

Understand your/your child’s learning style

Know your/ your child’s inborn abilities

Cognitive Fitness - Toddlers

Childhood is an important and sensitive period for cognitive development. This program demonstrate the influence of physical activity on health, especially a positive correlation between sports and cognitive functions.

Enhance a child’s cognitive and intellectual skills

Flexible Thinking, Problem-Solving, Planning, Organizing, Working Memory

Processes speed, attention and long-term memory

Senior Citizen Program

A workout for the brain that stimulates different cognitive functions, such as executive function and processing speed, in older adults. This helps in Isolation Prevention, creates a sense of control. Brain exercises can play an important role in creating a positive outlook for older adults.

Improved cognitive function

Increased positive emotions: Optimism

Improved sleep

Combo Courses

M-Power Basic + Advance

M-Power Basic + Advance + Pro

Brain Yog + M-Power Basic

Brain Yog + M-Power Basic + Advance

Brain Yog + M-Power Basic + Advance + Pro