Senior Citizen Program


A workout for the brain that stimulates different cognitive functions, such as executive function and processing speed, in older adults. This helps in Isolation Prevention, creates a sense of control. Brain exercises can play an important role in creating a positive outlook for older adults especially for those who are retired or are dealing with illness. Helpful in creating new brain connection by developing new and interesting habits.


  • Being present
  • The ability to respond, not react
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Increased positive emotions: Optimism
  • More confidence
  • Ability to develop positive habits in all areas of life
  • Improved sleep
Exercises and activities related to:
  • Isolation Prevention
  • A Sense of Control
  • New Brain Connections
Duration: Three months, three days a week.
Special program for Ageing Adults.

Price: Rs. 5,900/- per month (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Premium Services / One-On-One Training:

Price: Rs. 11,800/- per month (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Price: $180/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)