Brain Yog


Brain Yog exercises are to enhance brain capabilities. The program stimulates brain activities that involve basic tasks and actions that need to be performed. These exercises contain simple movements which help in overall body coordination along with the sense organs. It helps to train both the Left and the Right brain characteristics, Maximizing the right brain window thus impacting the following areas:

  • Attention deficit
  • Cognitive delays
  • Loss of focus
  • Impaired learning
  • Increased impulsivity
  • Decreased ability to self-regulation
  • Knowing your unique capabilities


  • Better concentration
  • Better memory
  • Better academic result
  • Better creativity
  • Increased confidence
  • Extra ordinary mind
  • Unleash unique capabilities

Key Points:

Tenure : 45 days
Learning sessions : 06
Practice session : 18 + 3
Duration : 30 mins
Age : 6+ (For Children and Adults)
Max Participants : 15 Participants Per Batch

Price: Rs. 5575/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)

Price: $350/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)

Premium Services / One-On-One Training:

Price: Rs. 15930/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)