About the Organization

A world class knowledge repository and R&D center with unique online-offline training processes embedded with life enhancing skills.

“Head & Heart” is a digital initiative to expand and establish global association and to leverage the capabilities that the institute has been delivering since 2015. More than 5000 associations, mostly students, have demonstrated exemplary transformation in their overall excellence and targeted results. The institute has established association with reputed schools, colleges, corporate institutions, govt establishments and directly enrolled students in order to reach and facilitate the opportunity to every individual; to help them live and deliver the doings with full excellence.


Global Centre for maximizing Brain capabilities for awakening the inner Einstein, Pele, Aryabhatta, Chanakya, Picasso, Madame Curie and Buddha in you through cutting edge, researched, tools and techniques. Our delivery promise – “WE ENABLE THE BEST IN YOU”

Enriched Lives, Happy Humanity.

Our Values

Harmony (Communication, Humanity, Culture)

We operate with harmony in everything we do.

People First (Respect, Care, Courtesy And Valued Relationships)

We value our relationships through respect, care and courtesy towards our diverse customers, partners and colleagues.

Innovation (Creativity, Uniqueness, Constant Ideation, Efficient R&D, Innovative Practices)

We practice constant evolution through creativity, ideation and efficient Research & Development to deliver cutting edge innovative solutions.

Quality Commitment (Quality Of Delivery, Customer Satisfaction, Commitment, Passion, Constant Improvement, Intentionality)

We are committed to customer satisfaction through quality delivery and standardized processes.
We adhere to quality guidelines to deliver assured results.

Integrity (Trust, Reliability, Ethics)

We demonstrate transparency, belongingness and ownership for company affairs and engagement through trust, reliability and strong ethics as a work culture.

Data security and Privacy

Privacy and confidentiality of our clients data is of paramount importance. We adhere to the data privacy norms.