M-Power Basic

M-Power Basic

Improves your Memory Skills through Unique techniques. Helps in memorizing - One Line Answers, Headings, Dates, Objects in few Seconds. High retention and quick recall time.

What all In it/ Session Summary

  • 6 days session, 40 mins a day ( 15 Days Duration)
  • For ages 6 and above


Analysis & 75 minutes counselling by a certified doctorate in Psychology with a 95% accuracy rate. This helps in:

  • Efficient registration, retention and recall
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Random access mode of brain
  • Short term memory
  • Long term memory
  • Recap efficiency
  • Doodling


  • Basic
  • Mutiple choice questions
  • Short Q&A's
  • General Knowledge
  • Countries and capitas
  • State and its capitals
  • Countries and currencies
  • Rivers and places
  • Inventors and invention
  • Books and authors


  • Daily practice as per guidelines
  • Ready to unlearn to learn
  • Open mindedness

Price: Rs. 2949/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)

Price: $100/-(Inclusive of all Taxes)